Healing Light Festival therapist and exhibitor Sheila Bullard

Healing Light Festival therapist and exhibitor Sheila Bullard

Have you always been a healing therapist?

I retired from the NHS six years ago after decades of being an Oncology nurse. My final years were spent in the Cancer Research area where I was the Manager responsible for coordinating large clinical trials across the UK from Truro to Edinburgh. A vastly different life to the one of today.

What inspired you to change direction?

As have many of us, I started with crystals and Reiki because of a difficult time in my life when I was seeking help and a more positive outlook.  I am now a Crystal / Reiki therapist and teacher. I am a colour and ear candling therapist, as well as an animal communicator and healer.  

My most exciting news in recent times is the opening of The Treatment Barn near Callington. This was opened in November 2017 with a close friend of mine. Here we offer a wide range of massage therapies, reflexology, Bowen and homeopathy as well as all my therapies as listed above. 

What else keeps you busy?

Besides enjoying life as a therapist, I love selling a range of different beautiful crystals (raw, natural and polished) in my shop Holistic Measures. These are all handpicked mainly by me, but sometimes with the help of my husband. If I don’t like the feel of them, they do not come home with me. I often find myself ignoring the most beautiful looking specimens in favour of the less attractive ones! Fairly recently I began to include more Wiccan items to sell as I veered onto this pathway.  My husband, Dave, makes amazingly beautiful wooden wands which are loving crafted in a traditional Celtic manner, as well as smudge/aura feathers. Both of which are always admired at all the shows that we attend.