Healing Light Festival 21st festival Jan 2018

A real winter warmer for our 21st Festival!

It was an amazing weekend.  Spirit moved amongst us.  We have had similar successes in the past, but our 21st festival (and 17th at Heartlands!) was as good as it gets, measured by the footfall and exhibitors‘ enthusiasm.  Our extended family of like (open) minded people engaging with smiles all round. 

The really amazing thing about the January Healing Light Festival was the weather – cold and very foggy – and quite surreal for us to watch dark shapes approaching through the white shroud. Indoors the atmosphere was welcoming and warm, seeing the light of others shining and buzzing with healing anticipation and good will. 

There were some new local talented musicians adding to the whole atmosphere with their traditional folk and acoustic music.  We’re looking forward to having them back to the Healing Light Festival in May

The eight workshops, including Circle Dancing, were varied, well attended and much enjoyed. 

January is always a popular time for the festival, probably because it is a real ‘Winter Warmer!’ 

Now Spring is not far away we can turn our attention to this year’s May festival, which we are certainly looking forward to. 

 May love and laughter be yours, 

Kathy and Richard.