The festival showcases readers of all kinds - including tarot, palm readings, aura readings, and clairvoyant mediumship.  The readings will give you a little insight into the changes you might want to make in your life, and are also a confirmation that spirit is looking after you and not far away.


Karmen Trudgeon

Tarot Readings and working with guides

Tina Rowe


During readings Tina communicates with her guides & angels in the spirit world, tune into your energy and the energies around you and pass on guidance, healing and messages in order to assist in bringing you peace, balance and empowerment.

Kerry Jackson

Spiritual Medium









Debbie Clayton

International Clairvoyant










Bev Eardley - Saturday only

Kaballah Colour Readings




Skye Spirit

Clairvoyant Medium




Gilli Edwards

Psychic Mediumship and Angel Cards




Felicity Gabriel - Twin Flame Guide

Working with non-predictive tarot cards and spiritual guidance using sacred geometry cards.




Helen Chapman

Tarot Readings




Janice Lewis

Card Readings using her own deck. Puppet Whisperer/Healing Dolls. Psychic/Energy Art.




Healing light Festival reader Esme Callaway
Esme Callaway

Silver Cord - Clairvoyant tarot




Angie Kruger

Readings with mediumship and tarot cards






Abbey Myners 

Soul energy portraits, oracle guidance with oracle readings and sound chair chakra balance.




Claire Banks 

Aura photos and reports and Suara Sound tuning forks




The Healing Light Festival Reader Gail Ward

Oracle/Angel Readings



The Healing Light Festival Reader Christine Jervis
Chris Jervis

Tarot and Clairvoyant

Barnaby Dobson

Vedic Astrology is focused on fixed stars as opposed to Western/Tropical Astrology. Along with explaining the attributes of each planet I will be showing my original prints and card designs.



Healing Light Festival Reader Cerisia Ta'Torin
Cerisia Ta T'Orin

Aura Readings using art



Angie Kruger

Readings with mediumship and tarot cards