The festival showcases readers of all kinds - including tarot, palm readings, aura readings, and clairvoyant mediumship.  The readings will give you a little insight into the changes you might want to make in your life, and are also a confirmation that spirit is looking after you and not far away.

Great Hall

Healing Light Reader Carolyn Bowyer
Carolyn Bowyer


Healing Light festival Reader Kerry Jackson
Kerry Jackson

Clairvoyant readings

Healing Light Festival Reader Bev Eardley
Bev Eardley

Kabbalah Colour Angel Readings.

The Healing Light Festival Reader Tina Paul
Tina Paul

Angelic Colour Readings


The Healing Light Festival Reader Gail Ward
Gail Ward

Angel Card Readings for Soul Growth


Healing Light festival reader Amanda Grainger
Amanda Grainger - Sunday

Medium - Psychic - Clairvoyant


HealingLight Reader Stevie Garrett
Stevie Garrett

Miracles in Mind - Tarot Readings

Pamela Goodall

Pamela gives Angelic Card Readings working with Angels and her Spirit Guides to give insightful card readings which can help you move on in your life.

Healing Light Festival Reader Janice Cooke
Janice Cooke

Medium - Psychic - Clairvoyant

Angie Kruger

Trance Medium Tarot

Tin Room

Healing light Festival reader Esme Callaway
Esme Callaway

Silver Cord - Clairvoyant tarot





The Healing Light Festival Reader Steve Dyer
Steve Dyer

Psychic Readings

The Healing Light Festival Reader Christine Jervis
Christine Jervis

Clairvoyant and Tarot Readings