The festival showcases readers of all kinds - including tarot, palm readings, aura readings, and clairvoyant mediumship.  The readings will give you a little insight into the changes you might want to make in your life, and are also a confirmation that spirit is looking after you and not far away.

Great Hall

Healing Light Reader Carolyn Bowyer
Carolyn Bowyer


HealingLight Reader Stevie Garrett
Stevie Garrett

Miracles in Mind - Tarot Readings

Angie Kruger

Trance Medium Tarot

Debbie Clayton

International Clairvoyant and Reiki Master


Teawings Tarot

Tarot readings

Katie Pearson-Smith - Sunday 

Angel Card Readings - providing communication, guidance and healing from your Guardian Angel and Archangels


Tin Room

Healing light Festival reader Esme Callaway
Esme Callaway

Silver Cord - Clairvoyant tarot

The Healing Light Festival Reader Steve Dyer
Steve Dyer

Psychic Readings

Pamela Goodall

Pamela gives Angelic Card Readings working with Angels and her Spirit Guides.