The Healing Light Festival Organiser - Richard Green

Richard Green

Retired Festival Organiser

The oldest question in the world, surely, is ‘Where did the time go?’  Well, I do wonder at that, as ten years of Festivals have flown by with a head and heart full of good memories.  From small beginnings to the present at Heartlands the Events have evolved and grown and have been great fun and I am sure will continue to be.

At 75 years, I am still a young man, but alas my knees and occasionally back, tell me the time is now to slow down a bit, so am now taking a step back from co-organising HLF’s.  Kathy and Tim are now at the Helm and I wish them every continued success.

So, a big thank you to everyone, Exhibitors and Visitors alike who we have met during the past ten years, for without you there, the days would have been empty.  I look forward to seeing you all, from time to time, in my new retirement.

Love, light and laughter always be yours.