Holistic Therapies

The festival showcases various holistic therapies that are increasingly available nowadays such as hands-on healing, reflexology, homoeopathy, reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, massage, nutritional and herbal remedies. The term 'holistic' is taken in the sense of treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms, complementary in that they are not mutually exclusive therapies and do not conflict with other treatments or medicines.

Great Hall

Sue Weaver Festival therapist and exhibitors Sue Weaver
Sue Weaver - Heaven and Earth Community

Cornwall School of Crystal Healing - Crystal Healing, Crystal Meridian Therapy, Crystal Essence readings.

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Pippa Handley-Cooke

High Vibrational Water Memory Essences. Sound Healing utilising a Monochord Healing Chair.



Complemetary Therapists Tin room

Healing Light Helen Fox therapist
Helen Fox

Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki



Healing Light Festival Duchy Healers Assn Therapist
Duchy Healers Association

Healing with Natural Energies




The Healing Light Festival Therapist Ilona weber
Ilona Weber

Kairos Therapy. Emotional Healing. Quantum Healing

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Healing Light therapist Dave Sowden
Dave Sowden

Tuina Massage and macrobiotic health







Paula Bostock

Shiatsu therapy




Complementary Therapists in Copper Room

The Healing Light Festival Julie Simpson Therapist

Julie Simpson

Shiatsu Therapy and Shamanic Healing

Kim Millington

'Coast to Moor Reflexology'

Reflexology and foot readings