About us

Healing Light Kathy Salisbury with Moonshine

Kathy Salisbury

Festival Organiser

I put my roots down in Cornwall 30 years ago and love the special energy of this wonderful land. I am a registered full healing member of the Duchy Healers Association.   I have trained at the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing to Diploma level in Crystal Healing.  In 2011 the Healing Light Festival was born.  It has grown organically over the years and is now a wonderful, magical community event. It continues to evolve and grow. Thank you to everyone who has supported us since the beginning.  We hope to continue for many years to come. 

The Healing Light Festival Organiser - Richard Green

Richard Green

Festival Organiser

Some seven years ago we started this healing showcase ministry and how it has evolved!  Thanks to all who have been with us on this journey, partly or all the way and which I hope is far from over yet!  Best thing I ever did was come to Kernow.  I am a hands-on healer and student of life, which most of us are, though not everyone realises it.  Love all that I do.  In so doing, I realise the great lesson of life – helping others is why we are here, really.  My formula for this is – 3 x L = Love, Light and Laughter, though not necessarily in that order…


Our aim

The aim of our festival is to showcase complementary holistic therapies and healing practices, together with readers, independent makers and spiritual artists.

We aim to inspire our visitors with a unique shopping experience, offering gorgeous goodies such as sparkling healing crystals, jewellery, clothing, books, music, natural skincare, remedies for health and nutrition, and other handmade creations.

You will find something for you!

Holistic therapies

The festival showcases various holistic therapies that are increasingly available nowadays such as hands-on healing, reflexology, homoeopathy, reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, massage, nutritional and herbal remedies. The term 'holistic' is taken in the sense of treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms, complementary in that they are not mutually exclusive therapies and do not conflict with other treatments or medicines.


Free workshops

The free workshops are varied and informative, running for an hour on average.

Increasing awareness

We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the best in complementary wellbeing to everyone in Cornwall and further afield.

Only the best

All practitioners and exhibitors are qualified, experienced, insured and regulated to the high standards expected of their associations. They are all based in Cornwall (with occasional guest exhibitors from ‘afar’), and are we believe, amongst the best in the world.

Find out for yourself

So if you have ever wondered about this 'New Age' stuff, why not come along and talk to the practitioners, or join a workshop and discover that it's not spooky or 'other worldly'!