Healing Light Festival Richard & Patrick

Healing Light Festival Richard & Patrick

Ah Autumn!   A Summer to savour has now faded yet will long live in our memories.

Does not everywhere look good in the Sun and do we not feel good for it too?  Long days,  (thanks to daylight saving) where there is time to enjoy our share of sunshine after work.

So, what next?   The future is an unknown place, we can only deal and live through the Present, knowing surely the Sun will rise again.

The Healing Light Festivals this year were all anyone could hope for, the goodwill brought to each occasion being shared by everyone it seemed and the enjoyment that came from that. The September event was one of our busiest in terms of people coming through the door.   We are reaching people who have never been to an event previously and who really enjoyed it.  So many people saying thank-you.  The love is felt by everyone.    

Thank you to all the exhibitors who make the Healing Light Festivals possible. There is a special light energy at all the events and it is the exhibitors who make it magical.

Heartlands staff were very supportive as always and we thank them all too.

Welcome Winter, in which time to take stock and reflect on our lives; the march of time, the wheel turns, the circle of life goes on, a certainty, isn’t that just great!

And so, to the next Healing Light Festival event which will be held at Heartlands again on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019.  

We look forward to seeing you all again then.

As we say, love and laughter always be yours….  

Richard and Kathy