How long have you been a palm reader?

I took up palmistry originally about 40 years ago. Manicures were part of my work then and I hated doing them, so to make it more interesting I started to learn about palmistry and then would tell my clients something about themselves.  I was amazed when it was found to be correct! This made me even more interested, so I learned more and sometimes incorporated it into my aromatherapy massages. I found it especially useful when a client was worried about the future. However it was quite sometime before I did it as a stand alone art. At the first fair that I tried I gave a palmistry to a Danish woman who was over on holiday and then had a queue of Danish people all day!

This did not go down well with some of the more well known readers, who complained bitterly to the organiser who then told me that he would not have me back!  However, my husband nagged me  into trying again and so I tried again with another fair and have never looked back!

What else do you do?

I work with the angels and wrote a book “Angels of the First Heaven” which was published in 2007,and I am currently working on my second book.

What else keeps you busy?

I also make angel products as well to help you have better contact with the angels.


Carolyn Bowyer, 65,Porth Bean Road, Newquay TR7 3JD  01637 873024